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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Whether or not George Walker played a role in the death of a customer - John Rouse - or not can be debated. He did get the money from somewhere to set himself up in his own saloon, operating at the beginning on N. 1st Street but eventually following the rest of the red light district to N. 2nd Street.

He continued to have several brushes with the law. He was hauled into municipal and county courts on a number of offenses including assault and battery, aggravated assault, abusive language, and theft. He was never convicted but occasionally pleaded out and paid a fine.

By 1900 Walker was the head of a large household on the census. His bartender, musicians, carpenter, along with several prostitutes were living with him. Walker is listed as being unmarried. He also owned a black bordello located not far from his white bordello. 

George Walker died in December 1908. The cause listed on his death certificate was cerebral gummats. I had not a clue what that was. A little research showed that it is a type of brain tumor. His live-in girlfriend/wife Willie Walker filed papers, stating that she was his surviving spouse. What she hadn't banked on was the arrival of Walker's siblings who were more than happy to claim his estate even though they had little to do with him when he was alive.  They state in their paper-work that Willie was "just a girl from the reservation [red light district]." They also proved that Willie was really married to another saloon keeper, Bill Bell and had not ever gotten a divorce from him. Willie protested that Bell had promised to get a divorce and had even told her he had done so. This probate case was appealed several times, but Willie eventually lost and promptly disappeared from the scene.

In all the wrangling over the estate, no one bothered to erect a headstone for George Walker buried at White Rock Cemetery located in northern McLennan County. While he is on the list of those buried there, the location is not noted.

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